Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ain't No Mountain (That Isn't) High Enough

And the mountains! Civilization may only grow where the mountains allow. They still stand tall and proud all over the island. But why wouldn’t they? This island was always theirs. They were here when somehow, some seeds made their way across the ocean, and the rains watered them, and their roots began to reach out and take hold of any surface that would allow the intrusion. And the mountains still stand as men and women lay the foundations for houses and clear the way for roads and sidewalks. Trees, houses? What is the difference to a mountain?

And they were here when somehow, insects and animals made it to the island, and ants crawled along their arms and spines. And when the first humans arrived, swelling with pride as they drew closer to the great discovery that would affirm their diligent craftsmanship and vast knowledge of the seas and stars, and yet remind them of their humble place as small creatures in a big and beautiful world. And the mountains are still here now, as ants and people and many creatures inbetween still crawl across their skin. Ants, humans? What is the difference to a mountain?

They may not be eternal, but they will live longer than any of us. They will stand until the powers of heaven decide to reshape the surface of earth, pulling the whole chain of islands into the heart of the planet to melt them down and reshape them into some new masterpiece.

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