Saturday, March 15, 2014


So a lot has happened in this past week.

At this point it would not be wise for me to go into details, and thankfully I came out physically unharmed, but due to events that unfolded in Zovreti on Monday night and Tuesday, I am moving to another village. My host family and my teachers were very kind to me and I will especially miss my students. I didn’t get to say goodbye to the kids and I won’t see most or possibly any of them again. Which sucks. But I think it will be healthy for me to get a fresh start in a different village and a different school.

Until my new host family is ready for me, I’m staying at a hostel in Tbilisi. I still feel a little bit blah, but it’s been good to have a break. To be able to sit and relax at the hostel all day. I’ve also met a lot of other young travelers. People from France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Spain, Cyprus, and Turkey. And lucky for me, English is the common language they always know.

I’ve also met other Americans. And after only a month I’m already at the point where meeting Americans is kind of exciting for me, despite being one myself. I even got to chat with a few other ladies who are TLG teachers and have been in Georgia a semester longer than I have. We got gelato and walked around the city together. I felt like a 3rd grader getting to hang out with the cool, big kids in 5th grade! But seriously, I really appreciated getting to exchange stories and advice.

On Monday or Tuesday, I’ll be headed to the village Khovle in Shida Kartli. I’m already learning a lot about myself and the world. We’ll see what lessons lie ahead.

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