Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Changes are coming and I need your help!

So, there are some changes coming soon to An Unsettled Voyage, and I need the help of my readership to make the right ones!

First of all, I’ll be switching form Blogger to self-hosting my own domain. So basically I’ll have my own website. This is something that most bloggers who are serious about their writing consider to be an essential and professional move.

But that change will entail other changes. And these are the ones I need you to help me with.

1) Topic: Travel and/or social issues?

I originally started this blog as a travel blog, but it has evolved into more than that. As you know, I often discuss modern social or political topics such as racism and feminism.

I personally want to keep the option open to post about my travels, since I’m certainly not done with them. 

When you read Unsettled Voyage, do you stick to either travel posts or social commentary posts, or both? Does the presence of either topic make you less likely to read posts on the other?

2) Name

I definitely want to change the name while I’m at it. “An Unsettled Voyage” is a bit cumbersome and I’d like something a bit shorter and more succinct. However, I’m hesitant to undertake a complete rebranding. I’m thinking of changing it to simply “Unsettled,” as I talk about both my travels as an unsettled twenty-something as well as complex issues that still need to be discussed and debated and are thus, in a different way, unsettled.

Does that make sense and sound good? If not, please feel free to offer a suggestion (no, I can’t compensate you financially ;P)!

3) Layout

Some of you who have been reading for a while may have noticed recent changes in the background/general layout. I’m making it a bit more sterile for the sake of being clean and more professional. Good choice or no? Also, guy folks and tom boys...does the coral and blue-green color scheme make you feel like it’s a “girly” blog?

Alright...these are all my thoughts for now. Feel free to post your opinion here, on the Facebook page, or in a private message! Thanks so much!


  1. 1) I think your topics should revolve around social issues. There are countless traveling blogs out there with numerous readers and (no offense) large budgets, hence their larger audiences and outreach. Besides, your blog doesn't strike me as the kind that relies massive sex appeal. Besides, the South does not always offer insightful liberal/moderate views when it come to social issues. Represent, just sayin'. 2) Good luck with that. How about " ˌ"ənˈsedld" idk. 3) Try to incorporate some sort of feline insinuation. This is the INTERNET!!!! Internet = Cats = views/readers/audience. Even professional circles stray into the cat side, for obvious reasons. Stay competitive. These suggestions are just out the spur-of-the-moment. Don't take them seriously. lol ;)